Win more search traffic and drive more conversions with dedicated landing pages

When you’re looking for ways to improve how your website performs in search you need to start with the foundations. Quality landing pages are essential tools for improving SEO as they give you powerful tools to target specific groups of keywords. They are the pillars that the rest of your website is built around; the authoritative hubs that Google recognises as excellent resources for its users.

With billions of pages of new content getting published every day, the battle to be heard is becoming more and more competitive. When it comes to setting your website apart from the competition you need to ensure that the content you create is properly targeted, actively promoted and part of a clear strategy.

Building, maintaining and promoting

Our Google-certified content marketing strategists will work with you to identify new landing page opportunities or existing pages that could be improved. Our editorial teams will then create the pages in line with your brief and best practice on-page SEO. Our designers can provide splash banners or customised buttons and our developers can get in and make any necessary changes to your site so that your landing pages can start working for your business.

If you have quality landing pages you can build your content marketing strategy around them. When building Content Plans for clients, our strategists will often look at how the various different types of content we produce can help drive relevant traffic to the target landing pages. Getting more of the right people visiting those pages will be essential for improving conversion rates.